people with the food and farms that sustain us


stronger communities and resilient food systems


in delicious experiences and places

Our Recipe

Everybody eats. Yet too little connects us with the food and farming that sustain us all. MetroAG Strategies believes food is one of the most powerful ways people yearn for deeper, more vital connections. To feed that appetite, we focus on diverse metropolitan agriculture projects and local food system initiatives. This includes attracting and growing investment in agrihood projects and community-cultivating, food-oriented development. Our work is rooted deeply with expertise in land use, community design, urban development, real estate, public works and farmland preservation. In all, we create value, nourish connections and shared experiences with healthy and delicious green infrastructure.

Menu of Services

we lead projects

with a portfolio of strong management skills, implementing mixed-income neighborhood and transit community redevelopment, master planned communities, public works and infrastructure.

we preserve farmland

as experts working with public and philanthropic financing, land use policies, and transaction tools to preserve, entitle, and support active agricultural lands.

we green infrastructure

with site, neighborhood, system, and policy design strategies for climate resilience and pollution reduction, working with water, stormwater, mobility, energy, and waste management.

we shape partnerships

as conveners, advocates and connectors. To attract investments and achieve results, we cultivate relationships and leverage intersecting interests of private, nonprofit, public, and philanthropic partners.

we craft agrihoods

innovative communities, and food-oriented real estate development, serving up tasty research, creative vision, market positioning, and value-added branding platforms.

we engage stakeholders

and work to bridge diverse interests. We specialize in “fun with a purpose” tactics and “playing with food” interventions. To make direct, trusting contact and develop new possibilities, we start by meeting people where they are.

Our Portfolio

Key Ingredients: Antupit + Gardow

Stephen Antupit

Stephen Antupit

Chief Creative Officer

In re-localizing and making more resilient regional food systems, Stephen Antupit curates partnerships, launches projects and interventions that nurture connectedness and grow “delicious green infrastructure.” His goal is to leverage food’s real power to feed more shareable communities. Stephen brings more than two decades’ expertise in successfully executing all aspects of multi-party, private-public real estate and urban development projects. His leadership is widely recognized as an innovative master developer, visionary green urbanist, and trusted strategic adviser.

Stephen is a passionate collaborator in crafting walkable, equitable communities that integrate green infrastructure and sustainable design. Stephen’s award-winning portfolio includes successes in complex and politically sensitive stakeholder and community engagement, master planning, public space and residential neighborhood design, securing entitlements, managing consultants, fundraising, negotiating multi-million dollar transactions, and branding and marketing. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance, Chair of the U District Partnership’s Urban Vitality Committee, and the Seattle Culinary Academy’s Technical Advisory Committee. Stephen advises regularly as a national panel expert for the Urban Land Institute. He holds a Master of Urban Design in Landscape Architecture from the University of Washington and a BA from Colorado College. Stephen is a LEED–ND accredited professional.

Kathryn Gardow

Kathryn Gardow

Chief Operations Officer

Kathryn Gardow brings more than thirty years of accomplishments in diverse land use, public works, infrastructure and organizational leadership initiatives. Her expertise as a civil engineer, land use planner, and regulatory expert includes notable large-scale master-planned communities in the Puget Sound region. Dedicated to preserving and keeping organic farmland productive in perpetuity, Kathryn served as Executive Director of PCC Farmland Trust. In that capacity, she grew the scope and impact of the nation’s only organic farmland trust to a million-dollar operation.

Kathryn is widely known as passionate and effective in regional and Washington policy advocacy on behalf of local farming and strengthening our regional food system. She serves in diverse capacities as a strategic partner among government, business and philanthropy, including past leadership on the board of Food Action (formerly Washington Sustainable Food and Farming Network) and former Director of PCC Natural Markets. She has served statewide as the past Vice Chair of Washington’s Public Works Board, member of Washington’s Farmland Advisory Board, and currently serves as a Citizen Member on Washington’s Recreation and Conservation Funding Board. Equally active in her northeast Seattle neighborhood, Kathryn is a Director of the Burke Gilman Place Public Development Authority. She holds a Master of Business Administration from the Foster School at the University of Washington and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Union College.


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