King Conservation District

King County, WA

Broad-based interest, political will, and urgency intersected around supporting and growing the local food and farming economy. Kathryn Gardow and Stephen Antupit worked with King Conservation District (KCD), a special-purpose agency that works with landowners to steward the County’s natural resources. Kathryn and Stephen advised KCD leadership (and key partners) to position the agency as it prepared to launch a set of new, strategic initiatives for success.

Building on existing relationships and previous advocacy success, Kathryn Gardow contributed focused messaging and leave-behind materials, then strategized and met with key legislators on a bill to adequately fund Conservation Districts in the most populous and fastest growing counties. This advocacy work supported successful change in State law allowing Conservation Districts to substantially increase their access to a stable funding source. Informed by a breadth and of local knowledge and creative vision for new initiatives, Stephen Antupit and Kathryn Gardow worked with KCD staff leadership and other consultants ramping up KCD’s program management capacity.

Together, Stephen and Kathryn outlined a program strategy and positioned the roll-out of two high-profile initiatives: the Regional Food and Urban Agriculture programs. Their strategic positioning approach encouraged coordination and leverage multi-jurisdictional partnerships. At the regional scale, Stephen Antupit assembled and led a brand strategy team to assess, evaluate, and recommend approaches for an integrated brand platform for thirteen “sibling” Conservation Districts of the Western Washington caucus.


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