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Mixed Income Redevelopment— Seattle Housing

To position, market and execute large-scale transit community revitalization, Seattle Housing Authority (SHA) employed brand strategies of conventional master plan developers for three in-city sites. The West Seattle, Columbia City and Beacon Hill projects produced 6000-plus homes on some 300+ acres.

As a housing development manager at SHA, Stephen Antupit designed and led a creative program, strategically navigated bureaucracy, and built public/private partnerships. His idea: position a public agency as a partner with private developers investing in residential development sites. To craft and implement this approach, Antupit built a compelling brand story around Seattle neighborhood revitalization, successfully directing a team to translate a brand platform into multiple marketing channels and tactics. As a result, his team marketed and he successfully negotiated $40MM residential land transactions.

The private public partnership extended to a cooperative marketing strategy, including all 12 home builders + SHA (all of whom contractually bound together to pay and play together). Creating these disciplined marketing cooperatives aligned a dozen developers with consistent messaging on mixed-income neighborhood redevelopment. This resulted in expansive project exposure and buyer interest. It also increased profit for SHA as Master Developer at +10% over the initial land sales.

Notable tactics to connect community made friends + increased sales prices + potential buyer traffic, including the Green Living Expo’s 10,000+ attendees on a single weekend. The program’s channels included the commissioning of public art, developing and publishing neighborhood leader profiles + destination guides in print + online media. Additional stories outlined the benefits of (then-pending) regional rail transit coming to these sites, by publishing + promoting Sound Transit station art projects during LINK construction, both online and in print. Ultimately, the success of this master developer strategy yielded a Global Award of Excellence awarded to High Point redevelopment by Urban Land Institute.

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Stephen led award-winning project teams at Mithun on similar assignments in Denver (Mariposa Homes, EPA Smart Growth Award for Equitable Development and CNU Charter Award), the Portland area, and Renton, WA (Governer’s Smart Communities Award).

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