Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance

Seattle, WA

Stephen Antupit is an active Director on the Board of Seattle’s Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance (NFMA). He brings leadership and expertise in urban development and design to navigate the complexities of securing, relocating and improving urban market sites, working in partnerships with public, non-profit, and private partners.

Seattle’s renowned neighborhood farmers’ markets are equal parts small business incubator, cherished community gathering place, and provider of high-quality, affordable and locally grown food. Over their 20+ years of growth and success, the seven markets operated by the non-profit Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance (NFMA) now serve over 520,000 annual shoppers and yield almost $10 Million in annual sales.

From a wider view, diverse measures tell the story of their impact. The University District market is widely known as farmer-focused and nationally-ranked as a top-ten market. It also provides a dollar-for-dollar spending multiplier to the benefit of surrounding merchants. For low-income shoppers deservedly seeking healthy choices, the seven markets supplement almost $120,000 of EBT purchases with almost $90,000 of bonus Fresh Bucks. For Washington farmland preservation, these urban markets provide an essential direct sales channel. As a result, over 9,000 acres of farmland are kept in productive, economic use.

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