Sites and Concepts for an Inclusive Neighborhood

Spokane, WA

MetroAG Strategies was hired to assist a non-profit development client to find and assess sites to build a diverse, intergenerational intentional community. A neighborhood with diverse housing types for multiple ages with ethnic and economic diversity and developmentally challenged adults builds a robust, thriving community. Humans are meant to live with others and to support and nurture those around us. Social interaction improves mental and physical health! This real estate project would do just that! Units for developmentally challenged adults would be interspersed throughout the project allowing other families to participate and assist those that need more help.

We used a multi-pronged approach to find properties, while connecting the client with potential community supporters and resources. Before spending three days on-the-ground in Spokane to see and evaluate the multiple potential project sites, Kathryn dug deep into the online resources available to analyze and understand the pros and cons of each potential property. She created mapping considering soils, sensitive areas, utilities, site access and other key factors to enable the client to evaluate whether to consider a property or not. Other components for a sound real estate decision were evaluated and organized in tables including location of available medical services, pedestrian mobility and safety, zoning issues, jurisdictional support assessment, and others.

Stephen connected with his extensive network of Northwest design and real estate professionals to better understand the Spokane area’s major real estate development players. He collected the up-to-date status of both large-scale and cutting-edge projects and used that knowledge to help the client navigate and understand possibilities. Kathryn also reached out to her Spokane area contacts that could assist and/or provide insight into the sites under consideration. The real estate development team met with potential professional service providers and other developers to identify collaborations and possibilities. Stephen and Kathryn identified possible partnerships for the client group. We showed them examples of relationships with private, nonprofit/ philanthropic and public entities, and how valuable they are in creating an innovative real estate project. Successful real estate development and building a healthy community is indeed a team effort.

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