To Annex or Not?

Land Use Analysis

Should we buy the property or not? A client was considering a large developable land purchase inside an urban growth boundary and outside a City’s boundary. To undergo annexation into a city is a time consuming, expensive process that requires many technical, policy, and political decisions. Capacity in the sewer system and wastewater treatment plant, drinking water availability and system capacity, transportation and road system access, and neighborhood and political support are among the many issues that must be considered with any change in land use. The client benefited from Kathryn’s extensive experience in understanding the political, strategic, and practical issues to consider when evaluating a substantial land purchase. Kathryn prepared the critical, early and thorough property analysis allowing the client to understand the development potential and to vet the financial and time investment needed to undertake a significant development project.

Kathryn’s expedient and thorough land use and feasibility analysis provided the prospective buyer with vital information to evaluate a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” purchase on this large tract of developable property. Working in concert with a large commercial real brokerage firm, Kathryn prepared a comprehensive analysis with up to date maps, research, and text teasing out important information from City, County, State and Federal sources. Understanding the site analysis impacts from a site visit, flooding, steep slopes, landslide hazard areas, creeks, water and sewer availability, soils, site access, and recent political decisions easily facilitated the broker’s value of the property when considering the sale price. If the client purchases the site, the transaction will be made public.

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