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Seattle and Sound Transit Link Light Rail

To secure billions of federal dollars for construction of Central Link Light Rail, Sound Transit needed the City of Seattle to create transit-friendly urban design visions, zoning and development codes. Unfortunately, there was a timing issue. The city’s neighborhood planning process was well underway, and neither the city nor the neighborhood planners had the capacity to address the multitude of urban design and land use issues related to this transformative infrastructure project.

In order to move forward, Stephen Antupit created a position at City of Seattle of Urban Design Manager for light rail station area planning. In that capacity, Antupit designed a multi-year program, assembled and led a team that worked with numerous transit agencies, technical consultants, and citizens to develop neighborhood-specific visions and implement zoning + codes to launch the region’s ambitious light rail program.

Under a contractual agreement, Stephen secured $2.5 million from Sound Transit to fund the three-year program. He created outreach strategies and ongoing relationships with neighborhoods, business, developers, institutions. The program of communication tactics introduced best practices for transit communities: from envisioning urban design frameworks to detailed overlay zoning tools. In all, Stephen’s vision and expert leadership of the team translated highly technical design and construction issues and choices into everyday language and formats. Completing the contractual relationship, Stephen led the team to draft and negotiate zoning and development code changes, securing approvals through City Council.

Related Projects

  • Urban Land Institute’s expert advisory panelist— for BART Fremont + ST Link Angle Lake Station development strategies
  • developed TOD sustainability performance recommendations for ST surplus properties and evaluated City of Bellevue’s Spring District/East LINK overlay zoning proposal
  • retained by Capitol Hill Champion to facilitate TOD master developer community event and Seattle Central College to advise on redevelopment including ST’s surplus parcel

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